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Boost Testosterone Naturally – For Harder Erections and Better Health

Low testosterone can result in low libido, erectile dysfunction, chronic fatigue and depression, to name just a few problems, a lack of this key male hormone causes. Testosterone is needed for both, peak sexual health and wellness but the good news is you can boost levels naturally.

Below are some simple tips, to help you boost testosterone levels in the body for better health and wellness, so you can enjoy a better sex life and also feel more energized, mentally alert and happier. The tips below are all proven, to get your levels of testosterone up so let's take a look at them.

Exercise Your Body

When you are active, your levels of testosterone will naturally increase in response to this and many men suffer from low testosterone because they are simply not active enough. Now you don't have to become a fitness freak but getting, at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise to raise your heart rate each day, will make sure your body,starts to increase testosterone levels.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is needed to replenish a variety of hormones and chemicals in the body and its during sleep, that testosterone levels are replenished. This is why, many men feel so sexually aroused in the morning after a good nights sleep. If you can aim for 8 hours, of restful sleep per night and stick to a regular sleeping pattern your testosterone levels will increase, your libido will be stronger and you will get harder erections.

Normalize Your Weight

Its a known fact that, overweight men can have low testosterone levels because excess body fat increases levels of estrogen levels which suppresses testosterone production. You simply need to get to a normal weight in proportion to your height and we have covered a diet to do this on this site and below, have also covered the best foods to increase testosterone.

Get the Right Diet and Supplements

Eat plenty of unsaturated fats in your diet which you can get from foods such as nuts, oily fish and healthy oils and if you do, they will help raise your testosterone production. If you eat these foods you will also increase the levels of mineral zinc in the body. Zinc is needed for testosterone production and a key mineral for sexual health. If you don't think your getting enough zinc, take it as a supplement. Try to eat lot's of fresh vegetables which will help lower estrogen levels which means an increase in testosterone as we noted earlier. You can also take some herbs to boost testosterone and we have covered the herbs in more detail on this site but in summary the best herbs are – Ginseng, Tribulus and Tonkgat Ali which can be found in all the best natural erection pills.

Try and Reduce Stress Levels

If you're stressed, your body will increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. If your corisol levels get to high, the production of testosterone in the body is dramatically reduced. Of course, we all become stressed in our lives at some point and its easy to say to someone don't be stressed but there are proven ways to reduce stress levels and you will find plenty of tips on this site. Stress is a major problem in terms of causing erection problems and low libido so look to get to grips with stress.

Don’t Drink to Much

Alcohol influences the endocrine system of the body and causes your testes to stop producing testosterone. Everyone has heard the phrase “brewers droop” which refers to excess drinking and its effect on the ability to get an erection and its true so moderate your intake of all alcohol. A few glasses of wine now and again is fine but drink to excess and your testosterone levels will plummet.

Testosterone Levels Can be Boosted

Many men think that testosterone falling is natural as they age and don't think there is anything they can do about it but there is and the above tips will all help you, boost testosterone quickly and naturally so try them and you maybe surprised at the effect they have on both your ability to get an erection and your overall feeling of wellness.

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