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Longer Lasting Erection Tip – Learn to Breathe Correctly

A simple way to get a longer lasting erection and delay ejaculation is to learn to breathe correctly. Fast shallow breathes, will see you come to quickly but if you learn to breather slowly and deeply, the result will be you last longer in bed. Learning how to breathe correctly during sex is one of the most effective ways, to hold a strong erection for longer and deep breathing is also good for all round health too - lets look at this tip on how to keep an erection for longer in more detail.

When you become sexually aroused, your heart rate will start to quicken and your breathing also quickens. This can happen time you become excited not just when your having sex but if you learn to control your breathing ・slow it down by breathing correctly and deeply, you will last long in bed. Many men don't copnsider their breathing during sex but if you learn to breathe correctly, you will instantly go longer in bed. Let's look at this simple tip for a longer lasting erection in more detail.

Slow Breathing for a Longer Lasting Erection

When you are having sexual intercourse, breath slowly and take breaths and make sure you breathe deeply and draw the air into your body. When you breathe be ware of your lower chest and stomach and be carefu,l not to expand the stomach as you inhale and exhale. If you breathe deeply and slowly and don't move your stomach, your body will be less tense which will allow you to hold your erection for longer.

Make sure that at no point while having sex that you hold your breath because it will make your body become tense and as soon as your body tenses, you will be more likely to climax to soon.

Breathing Correctly to Delay Ejaculation 

How long should your breathes be when having sex?

Try to breathe in for around 10 seconds and then hold the breathe, in for just a second 1 second then, breathe out for around ten seconds. Your breathing in lasts ffar longer than breathing out and this helps you to relax your pelvic muscles which need to be kept relaxed to stop you coming to soon.

Breathe out for 10-12 seconds

Two Breathing Tips to Delay Climax

Slow rythmic breathing will prevent ejaculation but of course you wil come near to climax at times and you can alter your breathing to stop ejaculating to soon. When you feel you are losing control, you should look to take some extra deep breaths another technique is to lengthen your breathing even more than we reccomended earlier and breathe out fully. Focus on your breathing and try nto to tense your plevic muscles as you exhale.

Deep Breathing is Good for Your All Round Health

Deep breathing, can help you enjoy longer lasting sex is one which most men don't even consider but it gives you, a lot of control over your penis during sex. Deep breathing is not just good for you when you want to last longer its also good for your all round health.

If you learn to breathe deeply, it makes you less stressed and calms you and also has major benefits in terms of the organs of the body. When you breathe deeply, the diaphragm expands and massages, both the liver and heart, as the the diaphragm moves over its full range. The stomach, ribs and lower back also move at the same time which means the major organs of the body are detoxified detoxify. In addition, the blood f moves more freely which optimizes the lymphatic system and has a beneficial impact on the immune system.

In Conclusion

We probably take somewhere between 20 – 30,000 breathes, everyday of our lives but most men don't think about it and the sexual and general health benefits of breathing deeply and slowly. If you try this simple strongger erection tip, you will not only be able to go longer in bed you will also, improve your overall health and wellness at the same time.


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