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How Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

This is a common query and one many men want an answer to and there is only one correct answer which is – by having penis enlargement surgery. While there is a vast amount of information online about products which claim they can increase penis size – there all scams. The good news is you can get stronger erections which are harder and last for longer. Let's look at how can I make my penis bigger in more detail and why most men should not consider this option.

Penis Enlargement Product Scams

There are a huge number of creams, pills, penis gyms, vacuum pumps and other gadgets which all claim, you can exercise the penis and make it bigger but there all lying. The sale copy will tell you, that if you exercise the penis, it can become bigger but it can't. Some of the claims are ludicrous, with many claiming, penis growth can be up to 6 inches! The reason these products are scams is obvious, the penis is not a muscle so you can't make it bigger, with exercises pills or creams.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

A commonly promoted penis exercise to help you get a bigger penis and is jelqing exercises. The idea is that by jerking or “milking” the penis it will grow in size but the whole idea is nonsense and there is no medical substantiation to back the claims up. It's supposed to be an ancient Arabian technique which has been used for thousands of years but no one in the Arab world takes it seriously because it doesn't work. Contrast this with western men, who buy these secrets for a bigger penis in huge numbers. Pulling your penis is supposed to be performed, without getting an erection but by touching it, unless you have ED It's likely that you will get an erection so the whole idea is pretty stupid. If you believe these exersises work, just ask your doctor or simply look on line – they don't and you can't pull or jerk a penis and make it bigger – Period.

Women Want Stronger Erections NOT a Bigger Penis

The best you can do is to get a stronger erection but this is what most women want NOT a bigger penis. Nature has created men with a variety of sizes of penis but the fact is all the important nerves of the vagina, are close to the entrance so to satisfy a woman - a big penis is not necessary. The idea of getting a bigger penis to satisfy a woman is a myth. This is because most women are not interested in size but hardness but a hard erection and sexual staying power.

Penis Enlargement Products – The Dangers

The vast amount of penis enlargement products are not only making false claims, there telling men to exercises which are simply dangerous. Using a penis gym, weights or vacuum pumps can actually cause erectile dysfunction. Stretching a penis can lead to tissue damage, bruised or burst blood vessels, and worst of all a fractured penis which will need surgery to fix.

Bigger Penis Best and Only Way – Surgery

Not only is it expensive and risky, its also a fact that the vast majority of men who have it done, are unhappy with the results. As you can gather, from the tone of this article so far you are better off to focus on getting a harder erection which lasts for longer, rather than focusing on getting a bigger penis.

Stronger Longer Lasting Erections

The good news for men is this is possible and on this site you will find info on Kegel Exercises which focus on the muscles which hold the penis erect and can make them stronger. You will also find some natural supplements for harder erections including, the best foods and natural erection pills. By eating the right foods and taking a herbal sex pill as a supplement, you can not only increase blood flow to the penis, you can also boost levels of testosterone in the body which will help you last longer in bed. If you use the methods just mentioned and get yourself in shape, you will have a stronger erection which can satisfy any woman.

So rather than focusing on ways to make a penis bigger, focus on making the best of what you have and focusing on a stronger erection which lasts for longer.

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