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Premature Ejaculation – Drugs to Treat PE

While all men know there are drugs to treat erection problems not so many know that there are drugs which can be taken to cure premature ejaculation but do they work to get you a longer lasting erection and what are the side effects?

Antidepressants Drugs to Cure PE

Clomipramine ( Anafranil) Sertraline ( Lustal) fluoxetine ( Prozac) are the most common ant depressants used to cure premature ejaculation but these drugs have numerous side effects which can damage your health on both a mental and physical level and should not be taken – if you are considering taking them, speak to your doctor first. While some men cure PE with them, long term damage to health can occur with frequent use.

PE: Nose Sprays.

The idea of delivering a drug through the nose is so it gets into the bloodstream quicker and works more quickly and there are a couple of drugs which are commonly used in a nose spray and they are - clomipramine which is an antidepressant drug as we have already seen and there has been research on using tramadol in a nose spray. The latter is not a safe drug, as it's related to morphine which is addictive in addition, it can cause sever pains in the abdomen and cause mental turmoil which includes depression.


A PE tablet dapoxetine (brand name Priligy) is also becoming widely used and is part of the 'SSRI' group of antidepressants. It does have side effects such as nausea, diahorrea, dizziness and can cuase restlessness but generally its seen as safe to take but how effective is it? Under 50% of men in surveys found it helped them last longer and its very expensive at around $50.00 a tablet! So if you have a high sex drive and make love once a day this works out at 1$.500 a month!

The Downside of Drugs

The downside of the drugs above as a treatment for PE is they have side effects and in many of them they are very dangerous, there also expensive and drugs are not a treatment for PE because, if they do work for you, it will only be for a short period of time and you have to keep taking them which means, spontaneous sex is something you will have to do without. Drugs are not worth the expense, health risks or inconvenience and rather than using drugs, any man with PE should seek natural solutions which have been proven to treat PE.

Herbal Pills and Proven Natural Techniques

There are a variety of herbal sex pills which can help treat PE and help to give you longer lasting erections and you will also find a number of other techniques which will help you beat anxiety and delay your orgasm which range from – learning how to breather correctly to simple mind tricks. All these methods are safe and don't have the dangerous side effects drugs to cure PE do.

Final Words

The simple methods and the idea of herbs to give you the right nutrution to cure PE, have been used since ancient times and are more popular today than ever – because they work. So instead of using drugs, try the best natural cures for PE and you will not only get an longer erection, you will do so naturally with no potential side effects.


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