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Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

The penis needs to fill with an increased amount of blood to form an erection and it's therefore, vital that enough blood can enter the penis to help it become erect when you become sexually aroused. If you have poor blood flow to the penis, t erection problems are going to occur and this is also telling you, that you could be at risk of serious illnesses developing.

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes and we have covered them all on this site. They range from your mood, to diseases and injury but by far the most common is - insufficient blood being able to enter the penile tissue and make it hard.

We have covered how an erection occurs in other articles on this site but here, we want to look at the fastest way, to improve the flow of blood to the penis and get you a hard erection. First let's look at why more men today are having difficulty getting and keeping erections than ever before:

Modern Living and Erection Problems

So is erectile dysfunction more common today, than a 100 years ago? There are a huge number of causes and the way we leads our modern day lives is a major cause. Man no longer has to fend for himself and get exercise and he no longer eats raw and but foods loaded with chemicals and additives. Modern living has also seen us, become more idle and eat diets which lack nutrition which causes obesity and numerous other health problems.

Blood flow around the body slows in many men because our lifestyles and diet, often increase levels of cholesterol and causes furring of the arteries which prevents enough blood getting into the penis. The first f problems with slow blood circulation can be detected, in the arteries which supply blood to the penis, because there so narrow and clog up quicker. These arteries clogging though, will in time be followed by other arteries becoming blocked and strokes and heart attacks can follow – so what do you do to make your arteries healthy again?

Boosting Blood Circulation

The answer is stop eating foods which are high in saturated fats and can increase cholesterol – switch to a more natural diet with lots of raw and unprocessed foods. If you are fat you will lose weight, your energy levels will increase and and your body will start to repair it itself. Also, if you smoke, then you should give up. Its one of the most common reasons for circulatory problems and heart disease as well as cancer – choose between smoking and your sex life now.

To help the blood flow more freely are the body, get a herbal sex pill to supplement a well balanced diet because it will give you a boost of nutrients in highly concentrated form which you won't get from diet alone. Herbs such as Cnidium, Ginseng, Ginkgo Blioba are good herbs to keep the arteries healthy and free of obstructions and will help the blood flow more freely to the penis.

Increasing Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide occurs naturally in the arteries which supply the blood to the penis when you become aroused and when its produced, it will dilate, relax and widen the arteries so more blood can flow into the penis and make it stiff and erect. The production of nitric oxide, is known to fall in men as they get older but you can get levels up with supplementation.

The best known nitric oxide enhancers are L Arginine which is a natural amino acid, Horny Goat Weed which is the most famous herb, to take for increasing it and Cnidium and Ginseng. In addition Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, also act as PDE5 inhibitors. High levels of PDE5 is a major cause of erection failure, because it attacks and destroys nitric oxide. If you take these natural supplements in just a few weeks you should see better and stronger erections. Hard erection herbs therefore are a much better option, for getting hard erection than prescription drugs.

This is because prescription drugs, don't actually increase levels of nitric oxide in the arteries that supply blood into the penis - they simply block an enzyme called PDE5 which destroys nitric oxide and reduces levels in the body. The effect of prescription drugs is only temporary and the underlying problem of impotence and poor health remains.

Change Your Diet and Get the Best Erection Supplements

The body has an immense capacity to repair itself and keep in mind you are a product of what you feed your body. If you make simple changes to your diet and then take the best herbal erection pills, you will not only cure erection problems, you will feel better in yourself. This is because your overall levels of wellness of your mind and body are improved. Circulatory problems are a warning of health problems and you should take action before it's to late. Sure blood flow to the penis can slow with age but there are many men of 70 or over who lead healthy sex lives, while many men in their 30s and 40s don't. In days gone by, Erectile dysfunction was far less common than it is today and the reason is obvious – modern man is less likely to be fit and feeds his body the wrong foods.

Final Words

So get a better diet and take the best herbal erection pills and you will repair your body, your sex drive and of course get a harder and stronger erection. Best of all, you don't need drugs to do it just a good diet and the best erection supplements which is great news for all men of any age.

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