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Get an Erection – How Does an Erection Occur?

Most men don't think about how an erection occurs until they can't get one and suffer from erectile dysfunction. If you want to enjoy good sexual health or have erectile dysfunction then you need to understand how an erection takes place and we will look at how in this article.

Your erection is a combination of a number of factors which come together, to increase the flow of blood into the penis and make it hard.

How an Erection is Formed

The erection process begins when a man's brain is sexually stimulated by either mental thoughts or touching of the body. Once the nerves in the brain are aroused, they send messages to the penis down the spinal column and when these messages are received in the penis, the arteries relax and open wider, an increased flow of blood then swells the penis in size and makes it hard. This sounds a simple process but it's actually very complex and doesn't just involve the penis, there are a huge number of inputs which come together to give you a hard erection.

The Penis Anatomy

The penis contains two cylinder shaped chambers which are known as the corpora cavernosa, which contain numerous blood vessels and sinuses which are cavities in which the blood can pools. The urethra, is located beneath the corpora cavernosa and carries both sperm and urine to the meatus, the opening at the head of the penis where urine and semen exit the body.

How an Erection Occurs

Sexual messages are received in the brain and then sent via the nervous system to neurotransmitters at the ends of the nerves in the penis. These neurotransmitters, create the realize of a chemical which is known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate or (cGMP).

When the chemical cGMP is realized, the flow of blood into the penis is increased as the narrow arteries which feed blood into the penis start to relax and widen. This then allows extra blood to enter and fill the corpora cavernosa and the penis becomes erect and hard. When this happens, the veins which are just below skin surface which would normally drain the penis of blood, are prevented from doing so.

cGMP is the chemical which keeps the penis erect while you are having sexual intercourse because, the brain continues to send messages via the nervous system to keep producing it and keep your penis hard. Eventually cGMP levels drop, as an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), stops cGMP being produced then, the blood  flows out of the penis and it returns to its flaccid state.

A Healthy Erection Means a Healthy Body 

When most people can't get an erection, they think there must be some problem with the penis but the penis does NOT work on it's own and as we have just seen, the brain, the nerves and the blood vessels are all involved in making an erection happen. If you have erection problems you have health problems and in many cases erectile dysfunction can warn of circulatory problems which can lead, strokes or heart attacks. A hard erection means a healthy body and if you are suffering from weak erections or erectile dysfunction, you need to have a check up with your doctor and find out the possible problems.

The reason most men can't get an erection though, can normally be solved by simple diet and lifestyle changes. You will find more information about how to cure erection problems naturally on this site.



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