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Best Foods for Hard Erections

Your diet has a a huge impact on your overall health and its no surprise to learn that it also has an impact on your erection as well. By eating the right foods you can get harder and longer lasting erections. So what are the best foods for hard erections? Lets take a look at the foods you can eat, to help you get a harder penis.

Man when he first walked the earth consumed a varied diet of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables – all lean, fresh and without of course any additives and its no surprise that this type of diet is the best for all round health and wellness and getting hard erections.

Foods for Better Erections

We know we need a varied diet and if we take the fact that we should be eating natural foods are there any foods that are better than others for getting hard erections? Let's take a look.

Best Meats for an Erection

In terms of white meats lean chicken and Turkey are good choices but each week you should try and get some red meats in your diet. Lean steak for example is packed with energy bursting nutrients and is a good source of selenium which is needed for healthy sperm.

Oily fish is by far the best type of meat to eat though and mackerel, sardines, salmon and trout are excellent choices. There full of omega 3 nutrition which is needed for healthy brain function and good blood circulation around the body. Oily fish is also a good source of zinc and selenium which is important in terms of maintaining healthy sperm and semen. Try and eat oily fish a minimum of 3 times a week and if you don't like fish don't worry, you can take an omega 3 supplement in pill form or eat lots of nuts. Any natural nuts are fine but no salted ones!

Oysters are also a well known aphrodisiac and actually contain more zinc than most any other food and shrimp is also another good choice to get a big boost of zinc.

Other Animal Products

Eggs are a fantastic food to eat and any bird or fish egg is fine – there high in protein and contain high levels of the vitamins B5 and B6 which are needed for energy and sex drive. Another excellent food for male sexual health is liver. Just like eggs, there packed with essential B vitamins. While it may not sound the sexiest of foods, its a great food to have in your diet once or twice a week.

Fruits & Vegetables

Cherries and berries are some of the best foods you can take for sexual health, they contain high levels of anthocyanins, which protect the blood vessels by, helping prevent the fatty plaques that lead to atherosclerosis which means blocked arteries and reduced blood flow around the body and to the penis. Other great foods for boosting blood flow around the body are onions and chillies.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium which helps to keep the heart healthy and improves general circulation circulation. Potassium is also an essential mineral in terms of keeping sodium levels down and maintaining normal blood pressure. Other good sources of potassium are - Raisins, prunes, apricots, dates strawberries, watermelon and oranges.

In terms of vegetables, Spinach is high in magnesium, which helps to dilate blood vessels and allow better blood flow ino the penis. Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage are high in the sex nutrient known as folate.

In fact eating a variety of fruit and vegetables each day, will encourage good blood flow and strengthen your immune system.

Best Cooking Herbs

In terms of cooking foods to herbs which you can try which are both good at boosting blood circulation and act as heart tonics are Ginger and Garlic. Basil Basil contains high levels of flavonoids which prevent cell damage and the herb is also rich in calcium,, magnesium, vitamin A and C, and potassium.


Green tea is seen an an excellent drink for sexual health because it helps to improve the function of the endothelial cells. The Endothelial cells are neede4d for the production of Nitric oxide which is the substance that dilates the blood vessels to give you a hard erection. Normal unsweetened tea is also good for you. The antioxidant catechin found in tea enhances blood flow all a round the body and is also good for your brain – improving memory and mood as well as sharpening mental focus at the same time.

Final Words

There is no single best food for erections but as you can see, if you eat a variety of natural foods from the list above, you will be getting a diet which contains the best herbs for hard erections quickly which will also boost all round health and wellness at the same time.



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