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Foods Which Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can your diet really cause erection problems? The answer is yes it can and if you eat the wrong foods not only will you end up with a weak erection, longer term you could suffer from erectile dysfunction so here, we will look at the foods which can cause erection problems.

In days gone by, we eat more natural foods and we were also were more active, this meant erectile dysfunction was less common than it is today where more men eat a poor diet and excercise less than they did in the past.

A Diet which Causes Erection Problems and Impotence

Today's modern living, has made many men have to exert themselves less and this combined, with a modern day diet which is focused on convenience rather than nutrition has seen erection problems soar.

A poor diet can lead to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and coronary heart problems. All of these problems can be avoided and all of them, can cause men to experience weak erections and after a period of time, can even cause impotence.

So What Foods Should you Avoid?

When buying food, always check how many preservatives it has, how high it is in saturated fat it is and how high the sugar content is. Foods which contain high saturated fat levels, lots of sugar and preservatives, are bad for your penis and bad for your overall health.

If you are eating a diet where you eat some or all of the foods below regularly, then you need to think about changing your diet fast or you will suffer erection difficulties.

Foods which are Bad for an Erection

Here are a list of foods which are bad for an erection and should only be eaten in moderation.

Burgers, pizzas, Chips/fries, Cakes, biscuits, ready made convenience meals of any description and foods loaded with additives and preservatives -check the labels of foods and you will find many so called healthy foods can actually be unhealthy. Perfect examples are – cereals (often loaded with sugar) and pasta sauces (often loaded with additives and preservatives) so - be careful and read the label contents before buyng.

Changing Your Diet.

If you enjoy the odd pizza or burger, that's fine but if you find your self eating junk foods such as the above everyday, then you need to think about changing it to foods which are good for your health and getting a hard erection.

By avoiding foods which cause erectile dysfunction and changing to a more natural diet which includes - fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat, not only will you feel better and have more energy, you will also have a stronger sex drive and harder erections.

Final Words

By simply making some simple diet changes, you can quickly feel better and enjoy better erections and better sex.  The choice is of course yours but if you do change your diet, you will get more out of life and enjoy better sex at the same time.

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