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Diet for a Hard Erection and Better Sex

Enclosed on this site you will see the best foods for sex and in this article we will give you a sample diet which is one which will not only help you get harder and longer erections, it will increase libido, enhance sexual pleasure, help you lose weight and make you feel more alive.

The diet below is not just for a strong erection it's one, for a better life and will enhance your overall health and wellness at the same time. Lets look at our diet for harder erections in more detail.

Don't Worry About Treats

The diet below is one which is healthy but we all like the odd burger or other treat and we also sometimes have to rush food as were busy or in a hurry so don't worry if you do this, this diet is a guide to be followed most of the time but it takes into account that you will sometimes not be able to follow it exactly.

Supplements to Enhance Your Diet

Because sometimes you may not be able to follow it exactly, you should each day take some supplements so take a multi vitamin and mineral tablet and also take a herbal sex pill such as the one on this site. The herbal erection pill recommended should be taken as a supplement to your diet because it will give you high concentrations, of herbs which will provide you a number of nutrients which will help you get harder erections and this acts as an additional boost, to the foods you will be eating in our diet for sex.

Lets look at the diet for increased libido, harder erections and better sex.


After you have been sleeping your body will need to be given a boost of energy and this below are sample foods which you should try and eat when you start your day.

Oats area great nutritious way to start the day so porridge is great on colder days or even hot days, if you like them. Oats contain L arginine which is needed for an erection and are packed with nutrients for increased libido, due to their ability to increase testosterone levels Oats also reduce cholesterol levels in your arteries so blood can flow freely, to all areas of the body and also to the penis.

Eggs are a a great way to start the day try  scrambled, boiled or poached but not fried. Eggs contain high levels of B Vitamins for energy and you can have them with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, onions which are all packed with nutrients.

Another alternative is a natural yoghurt and fruit. Try and include bananas which are high in B Vitamins and are also a great fruit for maintaining healthy blood pressure.


You should make this your most flexible meal. You can eat any meat or fish, with vegetables and while most of the time, you should eat brown rice or jacket potatoes rather than white rice, pasta or bread due to their higher fat content, if you are out don't worry about this to much, as you will burn off calories during the day. Just be sensible to get some good nutrition in this meal to sustain you through the rest of the day but the odd less healthy component is fine. If you prefer fruit or salads this is fine as well, just get a good selection.


This meal should be one which contains one of the following meats or fish. Lean turkey, Organic chicken, Pork, steak or any game. We have also mentioned liver in our best foods for sex and it is a great cheap and nutritious meal packed with energy giving B vitamins. These meats are fortified with vitamins and minerals for better sex but avoid, farmed animals if possible and the worst are battery chickens! An average farmed chicken contains over half a pint of fat so avoid chicken, unless organic.

The best fish to eat are those high in omega 3 as we discuss in the best foods for an erection because – there packed with zinc and omega 3 fatty acids which ensure peak brain function and also help to enhance blood flow around the body and to the penile tissue. Good choices are mackerel, herrings, salmon, sardines, pilchards and tuna. In addition, shellfish also perform the same function so try prawns or oysters as well.

You should eat around 5 portions of fish each week - so what do you do, if you don't like fish? Well you can take a fish oil supplement or eat nuts which perform a very similar function and contain similar nutrients. Walnuts, cashew nuts – in fact any nuts are good provided there not salted.


Snacks should be fruit if possible and you can choose any just try and get a variety – we have already mentioned them in the best foods for an erection so check them out and when you are feeling hungry or need an energy boost snack on them, any time between your main meals.


Avoid to many fizzy cola style drinks – if you must drink them, take the diet ones to prevent weight gain. A few cups of coffee a day are fine but to many will sap your energy levels. Try and drink normal tea which is full of ant oxidants and even better drink green tea. Green tea is seen as a great erection supplement which helps to prevent blood pressure getting to high (high blood pressure is a major cause of Ed) and also, the drink is packed with nutrients. The nutrients in green tea, can help to prevent illness and also, increase the blood flow to the penis and all around the body, for more energy and harder erections.

In terms of alcohol, moderation is the key word! A few drinks are fine but to many and you will suffer the dreaded brewers droop and be unable to get an erection. The best alcoholic drink in moderation which helps “put you in the mood” is red wine but don't overdo it, just a couple of glasses a day is good for you and helps enhance sex drive.

Also try and drink at least 2 litres of water per day – this is simply good for your overall health and flushes toxins out the body. Drinking water also, enhances your skins appearance and helps to keep energy levels up.

General Notes

The above diet is a general guide, to a diet for better sex because it focuses on natural and energy foods which are packed with nutrients, its a diet for life as well. Modern living means, we all have to skip meals or want the odd food which may not be good for us but if this is done in moderation - its fine.

In addition, you will also be taking supplements which means, if you don't eat the perfect diet all the time you will still be getting all the nutrients you need. You can't however just use supplements and eat badly all the time! If you eat foods high in saturated fats or full of preservatives, you risk putting on weight, clogging your arteries, increasing cholesterol levels and getting high blood pressure which will all, lead to a weak erection or even erectile dysfunction.

In Conclusion

You need to eat well and get the right foods for an erection and your erection supplements compliment your diet and smooth out any days, you don't eat perfectly but long term, you must eat the right foods most of the time to ensure peak sexual health and wellness.

So above you have a selection of foods for an erection which are contained in a sample diet. If you follow the above diet it will get you a hard erection, help you enjoy better sex and also improve overall health and wellness.


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