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Common Causes of Erection Problems and Solutions

The list below, covers most of the common causes and men may suffer from one or all of them, below are the problems that can cause weak erections or even erectile dysfunction. The good news is most of them can be cured but frst, let's look at the problems.

Poor Diet

A poor diet is a major cause of erection difficulties and can lead to all of the following problems which can cause erectile dysfunction – Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. If you have a poor diet, you will probably be over weight and unfit  and will also lack energy which means - a low sex drive and libido.

On this site we have covered a healthy diet so make sure you eat better and also start to get some exercise and get in shape! If you do move to a healthy diet and get moving, you will find not only can you get a hard erection, you will have more energy feel better and get more from life.

Drinking Alcohol and Smoking 

If you drink heavily or smoke heavily, your chances of getting erection problems or having a weak erection are dramatically increased why?

Because smoking damages the blood vessels which lead to the penis, the result is blood flow slows down and also, while people smoke to reduce stress, it actually increases it. Drinking heavily again raises stress and also, slows down testosterone production which is a major hormone needed for peak male sexual health.


A number of prescribed medications from your doctor, can have side effects which can cause erection problems, with high blood pressure medications being major ones. You should if you have erectile dysfunction or erection problems, discuss them with your doctor and not just stop taking medications because, in most cases another medication can be found to replace the one that is stopping you gettting erections.

Injury and Disease

Big causes of erectile dysfunction are - serious injuries and diseases and we have covered some already which can come from a poor diet. Others include: Kidney disease, spinal injuries, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, and vascular diseases being among the most common.

Stress, Trauma, Depression

Your state of mind plays a key role in both everyday health and sexual health and if you are stressed, you will not be able to focus on sex as your body cannot divert the energy needed to sex when your under pressure. Depression also is a major cause of erection problems and trauma (sexually related or otherwise ) will again, cause erection problems. These can all be cured with counselling or confronting the problem – they key is to see the problem and confront it.


The body slows with age and erectile dysfunction and erection problems, start to increase dramatically as men get past 50.

The body is influenced by how well you have treated it in the past but generally a man will see blood circulation slow, nitric oxide production decrease and testosterone levels fall as they age and you can't stop this. However if you treat your body right and lead a healthy lifestyle, you can still enjoy a healthy sex life into your seventies or beyond.


As you can see from the above erection difficulties can be caused by a number of different issues and men may suffer from one or more of them. In most cases erection problems can be treated on both a mental and physical level. So find out what they are, see your doctor and make sensible lifestyle changes and in most cases, you will get back to peak sexual health, have harder erections and enjoy better all round health.


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