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Depression and Anger – How they Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The brain plays a key role in the erection process because - we are stimulated sexually by our thoughts, what we see and our and our brain also responds to physical touch. When looking at the brain in terms of ED, most people think of stress and anxiety causing it but anger and depression, are also common cuases of erection problems.

Here we will look at why depression and anger, can cause erection difficulties and also give some simple steps, you can take to get to grips with both and cure erectile dysfunction.

Depression and Erection Difficulties

there are many forms of depression and impotence or ED can actually cause it and its known as impotence depression. Depression can have many different reasons and can lead to to fatigue, low self esteem , thoughts suicide, anger and significant swings in weight – the sufferer becomes disinterested in life generally and feels isolated and angry. It's no surprise with this state of mind, most depressed me have an inability to get an erection and sex drive or libido (the desire for sex) also falls dramatically.

In today's quick fix society, doctors will prescribe anti depressants and while there is much debate on whether they work to solve the problem but there is clear evidence, that many anti depressants actually cause ED.

Whatever the cause of depression it can be cured. The first step is of course to talk to your doctor who can discover the cause and help you get counselling from trained therapists. You should also discuss the option of not taking any drugs or at least learn what there impact will be. In most instances, if a person wants to come of depression they can but it involves knowing the root cause and confronting it.

You can also make some simple lifestyle changes to help improve your mood such as taking exercise to restore energy, paying careful attention to want you eat which can also boost energy mood and improve the way you look and feel about yourself. If you can restore energy its a step in the right direction and if you confront the root cause, of your depression, you can come out of depression and cure ED at the same time.

I am not saying, it's easy to do but if you are honest, confront the root problem and get active and healthy, chances are you can become happier. As you mood improves, so will your ability to get a hard erection and enjoy a healthy sex drive.

Anger and Erection Difficulties

Anger can be a temporary condition in response to a single event which soon goes away or can linger for far longer and actually end up causing depression. Many men who suffer from depression, are also angry at events that have happened in their lives. Anger is not seen as a common cause of ED but it's far more common than most men think.

There are three types of anger upfront, displaced and inner. Upfront anger is when you are annoyed with someone and tell them what you think of them. Displaced anger is where you are say having problems at work but direct your anger at a partner or family member. Inward anger is the most dangerous type, as it's not expressed to any person - it simply eats away inside of you and consumes your whole personality.

We all know when we get angry, blood rushes to our face and this is part of human nature, as the body takes on survival mode. Anger in many instances is expressed at a threat which is real or perceived and body energy is diverted to confront it. When this happens, as with other inputs related to our survival mode such as anxiety and stress, the mind cannot focus on sex. The negative input becomes all consuming until the danger has passed.

Anger can be short term or long term but when a person is angry erection problems and ED are the result. Inward anger and depression are closely linked and are treated in the same way. In terms of up front and displaced anger normally last for short periods of time although, displaced anger can also be long term but again the solution is to get to the root cause, confront it and make lifestyle changes to bring the mind back into balance.

In Conclusion

If you are suffering from negative inputs in the mind, then your ability to get a hard erection is reduced. Of course dealing with such negative inputs as - stress, anxiety, anger and depression will vary from person to person. The important point to keep in mind is to get help from your doctor straight away and take his advice. At the same time, make simple lifestyle changes which will help put you in a better mood. Anger and depression, are not talked about much in terms of a cause of erectile dysfunction but they do cause ED for a huge number of men who suffer in silence.

Don't suffer in silence, get help and also help yourself by confronting the problem and cure it and you will able to get harder erections again but more importantly enjoy life again.



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