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Erectile Dysfunction - Stress Anxiety and Depression

Sexual arousal doesn't start in the penis it starts with sexual thoughts in the brain and while many men don't think about it, the brain can be a major cause of erection difficulties and even erectile dysfunction. Let's look at why our mood is so vital in terms of both sex drive and getting an erection.

Your Moods - Why they Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If your body is not in a relaxed state it will not be able to focus on sex. This actually is not good for an erection but it has ensured man's survival as a species as many of the emotions below, were bought on in response to danger and in these periods, mental energy is diverted to man's survival and away from libido and getting an erection.

Stress Fear or Worry and ED

Stress can have many causes but from the point of getting an erection, the consequences of extreme stress can be erectile dysfunction and stress can actually end up leading to death

When you become stressed, you tend to worry all the time, become fearful and angry. All these negative emotions, lead to mental and physical exhaustion and leave you unable to focus, on anything other than the problems you face. If you find yourself severely stressed, talk over your problems with your partner, your family friends and if necessary a doctor. There are some great ways to naturally reduce stress and they include:

Getting regular exercise which will help you sleep better (and sleep deprivation, makes stress and erection problems worse) also, change your diet to include lots of energy and mood enhancing foods. If you take these simple steps, stress may not go away instantly but you will reduce it, find it easier to deal with in time stress will no longer be causing you erection problems or cause you to have a low libido.

Depression and ED

In most men, negative periods of stress, worry or anxiety, end and sex drive and the ability to get an erection returns but in some men, it leads to a spiral into depression where life seems hopeless and they sink into depression. In addition, many men who take anti depressants to help their depression, are taking drugs which completely kill there sex drive.

Depression can be cured but you need to get to the root cause of why you depressed and then you can work on a solution and counselling is needed and any man with depression, should visit his doctor and discuss the problems. While not a cure for depression, many of the stress busters, we mentioned earlier will help so try them.

Anxiety and ED

Anxiety can effect both young men (especially those anxious about there ability to perform in the bedroom), as well as men of all ages, who may be anxious for numerous reasons:

We have mentioned already that - worry of not being able to satisfy a partner is aq common problem but another - is a man's self image and how he feels about himself. A low self worth is common in men and can be a combination of thoughts which include:

A man doesn't like the way he looks, feels inadequate in terms of being able to satisfy his partner or may come from a negative sexual encounter with a partner or physical sexual abuse. Where ever anxiety comes from, it needs to be confronted and dealt with, for a man to be able to enjoy sex again – so what can you do about anxiety?

In young men, anxiety normally goes quickly and is a passing phase in older men who have low self worth, feel sexually in adequate or who have had a negative sexual encounter in the past, need to talk with their partners about the problem and if necessary seek specialist counselling.

Mood and Erectile Dysfunction – Take Action

As we have seen your moods can cause temporary loss or sexual desire and the ability to get a hard erection or can lead to erectile dysfunction but if you acknowledge the problem, you can confront it and deal with it, with the help of your partner or a medical specialist. So don't suffer in silence, get the help needed and get on the road back to better mental health and better sex.

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