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Erection Problems and Age

As men age, erectile dysfunction becomes more common and while the ageing process sees our body's change and become less effective, there are some men who manage a healthy sex life in the 70s while others, suffer problems getting an erection in their thirties. Let's look at how the ageing process, impacts on a man's sex life and what you can do about, curing any problems which occur.


Depression and Anger – How they Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The brain plays a key role in the erection process because - we are stimulated sexually by our thoughts, what we see and our and our brain also responds to physical touch. When looking at the brain in terms of ED, most people think of stress and anxiety causing it but anger and depression, are also common cuases of erection problems.


Erectile Dysfunction - Stress Anxiety and Depression

Sexual arousal doesn't start in the penis it starts with sexual thoughts in the brain and while many men don't think about it, the brain can be a major cause of erection difficulties and even erectile dysfunction. Let's look at why our mood is so vital in terms of both sex drive and getting an erection.


Common Causes of Erection Problems and Solutions

The list below, covers most of the common causes and men may suffer from one or all of them, below are the problems that can cause weak erections or even erectile dysfunction. The good news is most of them can be cured but frst, let's look at the problems.


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