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What is the Fastest Acting Erection Pill?

In this article, we will look at the fast acting erection pill in terms of getting you a hard on fast and we will look at, both prescription drugs and also, best herbal erection pills and see how they compare.

Cialis is the fastest of the prescription drugs and many users find there able to get an erection in around 30 minutes but some men may take a few hours but in terms of getting an erection quickly its seen as the best drug. The new drug on the block called Avandil is reported to be as fast so will compete with Cialis. Both Viagra and Levitra, the other two major brands take 1 – 2 hours to work.

Cialis is also a drug which can keep a man hard for 12 hours or more and has got the nickname "the weekender" due to its longer lasting effect, compared to the other prescription pills on the market.

The Disadvantages of Drugs

In terms of side effects, its commonly known that all pills can have side effects, there expensive to buy and you have to think to take them before you might have sex which means spontaneous encounters may not be prepared for and as we have pointed elsewhere on this site, they can get most men a hard and erect penis but in most instances especially in older men, they need to be physically stimulated by touching the penis to make it hard. Most men think that if they get a hard erection, their sex drive will also go up but the fact is these pills do nothing in terms of increasing sexual desire.

How to Herbal Sex Pills Compare?

Herbal sex pills are working on the basis of giving your body the correct nutrition to get a hard erection naturally and the concept works. If you think about it, if you eat junk food for a day by the end of it your energy levels are sapped and you feel tired but if you have been eating healthy food, you feel more alert and energized. However, for men who have erectile dysfunction, their diet is not enough to give them the nutrients they need to boost blood flow to the penis to get an erection fast but herbal cures have been used for centuries to do this and work.

You need to take a herbal sex pill for a few weeks so that it can heal your body and boost nitric oxide production to widen the arteries enough, to increase the blood supply into the penile tissue. After a few weeks this will start to happen and in addition, herbs in the best fast erection pills will have nutrients to relax and calm the mind so stress levels fall and also, boost testosterone production so you see an increase in sexual desire and stamina.

If you then take them as a supplement each day, you will be ready for sex whenever you wish and keep in mind, there very cheap in comparison to drugs, make you feel better and have no side effects. You need to make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer so you are getting the right herbs, in the right concentrations but there are plenty to choose from. You will find one of the best on this site with 17 natural ingredients to boost sexual health and overall wellness which comes at a competitive price.

Get the Best Fast Acting Erection Pills – Choose the Natural Option

I terms of getting an erection quickly , yes drugs have a place for men who cannot get an erection any other way due to illness but for the majority of of men with ED fast acting herbal sex pills, are cheaper, healthier and more convenient. So before you take drugs – try a herbal Viagra instead and you will probably be very pleased with the results in terms of getting a hard erection and the effect on your health generally.

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