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L Arginine – Natures Answer to the Blue Pill

In recent years its been discovered that the non essential amino acid L Arginine plays a key role and helping men get erections because it helps to produce nitric oxide which is the vital substance all men need if they are going to get an erection at all. Let's look at nitric oxide and L Arginine in more detail and see how by taking L Arginine as a supplement you can sure erectile dysfunction.

Lets look at nitric oxide first and why its so vital that all men produce enough of it.

Nitric Oxide and Hard Erections

The penis must fill with an increased amount of blood, to make it hard. For an erection to occur and in pure simple terms, nitric oxide makes this happen – so what does it do?

When you are sexually stimulated in the brain, messages are transmitted via the spinal cord which sets off nitric oxide production in the blood vessels which supply the penis with blood. The vessels relax and dilate and then, can carry the extra blood needed into the penis to make it hard. If you don't produce enough nitric oxide, not enough blood will be able to enter the penis and a weak erection or even erectile dysfunction occurs.

Nitric Oxide and L Arginine

the production of nitric oxide is linked to L Arginine, because - its involved in the chemical process of making nitric oxide. The problem for many men is levels become to low and they cannot get an erection.

The Ageing Process

As a man ages, levels of L Arginine decline and so to do levels of nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction becomes much more common in men over 50. Of course there is nothing we can do about the ageing process but you can slow it down by taking supplements and L Arginine is one of the best to take, because not only will it help you get harder erections, it will also act as an anti ageing supplement to and give your all round health and wellness a boost.

Herbal Erection Pills and L Arginine

You will find it in all the best herbal sex pills with other natural herbs, amino acids and minerals which will improve both your sexual health and your overall levels of wellness but you must give it time to work and you must get the right dosage.

Dosage and Success Rate

In terms of the success rate of L Arginine supplementation, its proved to very successful for men suffering with impotence and erection problems. In numerous tests, men with impotence or erection problems, who took it for 14 – 21 days, saw the majority obtain better and stronger erections and the success rate was over 70%. This compares very favourably, with drugs such as Viagra which have a success rate of just over 80%.

Dosage should be around 1,800 mgs and any man who takes this dosage should feel the effects working after around 3 weeks. While this supplement is not an instant fix like drugs, most men don't mind waiting a few weeks to heal their sexual health permanently.

A Hard Erection Supplement which Works!

There are many supplements which have not been proved in clinical tests but L Arginine has and its effects are based on science and if you take it, you will find it one of the best ways to improve sexual health. You will find it in all the best natural erection pills - so try one and enjoy better erections and better health naturally.

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